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Psychic Readings

Can cover any of the following areas:

  • Love, Family, Relationship
  • Travel, Relocation
  • Life Path, Purpose and Career
  • Spirituality and Spiritual growth
  • Finance
  • Health

All information is channeled and psychically retrieved by Melissa relating to past, present and future.

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Mediumship Sitting

As a medium Melissa has the ability to sense and communicate with loved ones that are now in the spirit world.

This consultation is for anyone wishing to connect with a family member or friend that has passed into the spirit world (which often brings comfort and assist in the healing process). Also it provides evidence of continuity of life after death.

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Upcoming Workshops
What People Say…

" Melissa is a genuine soul who truly has a unique gift. Thank you so much for allowing me to be close to people I loved and lost. "

Julie, Melbourne – Australia

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